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Neftali, after being bitten by a larger dog as a child, was traumatized of all dogs. It wasn't until his teen years he became a pet owner adopting a Cocker Spainel by the name of "Cocker", that he grew a real passion for dogs and various animals.

He has fostered many dogs and other small animals, mostly because he understands they are defenseless and rely soley on us for care and love. He also currently owns four dogs and two chickens.        

Neftali started his career three and a half years ago. He willingly resigned from his occupation in the Inland Empire and devoted himself completely to the growth of Diva Dogz Mobile Pet Salon.


Leah has had a heart for animals since a young girl. She and her Father would rescue and care for lost dogs and find them new homes. Leah has had a variety of pets including bunnies, turtles, fish and hamsters. She currently owns four dogs and two chickens.

Leah started her grooming career over eight years ago. To Enhance her skill she was mentored by Amber Lewin from the reality show "Groomer Has It" on the television network "Animal Planet". Amber taught Leah the fun side of grooming including creative coloring as well as competitive grooming. Although Leah has not competed in a dog styling competition (yet), she still styles each pet with a scissor finish and aids in making them look good and feel good.  

​​Leah furthers her knowledge by attending dog and cat grooming seminars (for modern styles), dog/cat food seminars (for the healthiest food on the market), and pet first aid and saftey classes (to ensure the well being of any animal). 

Leah has a genuine love for all animals large or small, domestic or wild. She does her best to continue to help all animals that are in need!

Diva Dogz Mobile Pet Salon

Neftali: Owner/Operator

Leah: Owner/Operator